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Skill Development

How to encourage to child ?

Both parents, as well as other family members, need to be involved in caring and nurturing the growth, learning and development of children.

Mothers around the world generally take on the primary role of addressing their children's rights and needs. They love, feed, console, teach, play with and care for their children.

A father's role is as vital as the mother's in nurturing and caring for their children and protecting their rights. A father should make daughters and sons feel they are equally important. Just like the mother, the father can help meet their child's needs for love, affection, approval, encouragement and stimulation. Together, the mother and father can ensure that the child receives a quality education and good nutrition and health care.

They should make both girls and boys feel equally valued as they encourage them to learn and explore – this is important preparation for school.

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How to encourage to child ?