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Brain Development

How Child Learn new things ?

You don't need fancy toys or equipment to give your child new experiences. You can use everyday things around you, go for walks or explore the beach or park.

They need other people too - other children to play with and relationships with people of all ages. For older children it's good to be involved in their school activities and homework, and to meet with their teacher often.
New experiences can include simple things like:

  1. tell a story from your childhood

  2. play a game

  3. a boardgame if they're older

  4. peek-a-boo if they're younger

  5. or naming games like 'I spy

  6. sing a song

  7. explore the house and garden

  8. read a book (even if babies like the pictures)

  9. teach your kids shapes and colours

  10. take your kids to a friend's place to visit

  11. praise your children for something new they did

  12. or something they did well

  13. take your child for a walk to the park, beach or anywhere near by

  14. do some drawing, painting or colouring

  15. pick up stones, look at flowers…new experiences are everywhere for kids.

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How Child Learn new things ?