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Career Development

How to develop career choice?

As a child grows up, inevitably he/she will take up a career and be a builder of the society. What does your child aspire when he grows up? What is your child’s educational plan after completing secondary school? Which is a better choice for him?

If you have a teenage child, he should start thinking about what he aspires to be after leaving school and make plan to help him actualize his aspiration. Career planning is simply a six-step process in which decision-making is considered to be the most important part.

There is a general impression that the word career has no relation to children of younger age.  In fact, many skills required by employers such as good work habits, a sense of responsibility, effective interpersonal relationship, good language proficiency, creative thinking and etc. are developed at the early stage of childhood.  From this perspective, a child’s career development should start at early years of his primary education and go along side with his personality growth.  What can you do to prepare your children for the career world?

It is well documented that parents have the greatest influence over their children’s careers choices by involving themselves in their children’s education. 

  • Work situations and skills needed for employment are constantly changing due to changing technological and societal expectations;

  • Retraining and upgrading skills will be a requirement for maintaining employment;

  • Two-thirds of the jobs created today will require education beyond high school;

  • The worker of tomorrow must be able to work as a team member, communicate, solve problems, use technologies and adapt to changes; andCareer development is a lifelong process.

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How to develop career choice?