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Career Counsellor advice

When you are studying in the school or passing the 10th or class xii (10 +2) exams, it is most difficult to deciding on a career.

It is one of the biggest challenges for both the students as well as the parents. In today's world, there are a number of career options open for children, who finish their schooling and also for those who wish to pursue something else at a later point in their life. But, with a tremendous growth in career options, there has been a tremendous growth in competition too. Second chances are hard to come by, and even if they do a lot of time is wasted and hence people try to get it right in first shot. There are three streams available for studying India, they are:

Arts Stream

Commerce Stream

Science Stream

Arts Stream

If you persue ARTS, You can do B.A. degree course with following subjects, Languages - History-Economics-logic, Mathematics-Psychology, Philosophy etc. After which you can either you can get job (if you are lucky enough to get one) or You can make honest efforts to get a job by appearing for various Competative examinations such as Bank Test, or UPSC, or MPSC for which a graduate is eligible.

Do some post-graduate courses like? Continue studies and do MA (ending up as a teacher / lecturer) or take a doctorate or do

(1) IAS/IFS/IPS (For higher posts in Govt. Service) by appearing for Entrance Exam. of UPSC & MPSC

(2) B.Ed (if you want to take up a teaching career)

(3) LLB (If you are keen to take a legal career)

(4) Post-graduate diploma in Management MBA & MMS etc. from any of the IIMs/Universities

(5) Diploma in any Social Science (Labour Welfare, labour Managements etc) C. A., Cost Accounting, Company Secretaryship, Mass Communications (Advertising, Marketing, Journalism etc.)

Other Career Options

Education (Teaching) in Montessory, Kindergarton, Pre-primary, Primary, Drawing Teacher, Craft Teacher, Hindi Shikshak Sansad, Fine Arts or Display Art such as

1) Drawing & Painting 

2) Commercial Art

3) Interior Decoration

4) Textile Designing

Performing Arts Degree or Diploma in 1) Music 2) Dance 3) Drama

Commerce Stream

Commerce, basically, is a study of business and finance. It involves the study of subjects like - Economics; Taxation; Organisation of Commerce; Accountancy & Book-keeping; Mathematics; Secretarial Practice; Costing.

If you decide to do COMMERCE, there are several career options and portunities open for you.

After 12th you can, join ICWAl CFA simultaneously with graduation and become a Cost Accountant! Chartered Financial Analyst or you can do the B.Com. Degree course after which you can Benefit from the same job opportunities as are available to graduate of any' discipline.

A Commerce graduate finds it easier to negotiate a job  Specialised career 

Accountancy (C.A.)



Cost Accounting

Company Secretaryship and take up a good job or start your own practice in consultancy.

Some post-graduate course in management

Business Management

Tax Management

Financial Management

Export Management

Computer Management

Systems Management

Personnel Management

Marketing Management

These graduates are normally placed in Management Cadre

Or do Continue studies and do M.Com and Ph.D

Or do B.Ed, M.Ed, (Work in Education Field)

Or do

Diploma & Certificate Courses

Students not interested in joining Commerce College after SSC are advised to complete following short-term Commerce Courses. All can be completed within three years.

1) Diploma in Accountancy

2) Diploma in Secretarial Practice

3) D. Com. (Indian Merchants Chamber)

4) G.C.D. (Govt Comm. Dip.)

5) G.C.C. (Govt. Comm.CertL)

6) Book-keeping & Accountancy 

7) Short-Hand & Typing

8) Personal Secretary

9) Telephone/Telex Operator 

10) Computer Operator

Science Stream

If you choose Science stream, you will have to study subjects like Mathematices, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology etc. For Science Stream afterpassing SSC you can join in Std. XII. After passing Std. XII Courses branch out into either do the B. Sc. Degree Course after which you can either take up employment?Or Postgraduate Courses Such as DMLT Or Fisheries or Do some postgraduate specialization courses Such as LAW Or professional courses such as C.A., ICWA Co. Secretary or Continue studies and do M.Sc., Ph.D. or Jobs as a Professor / Lecturer or in Research field or do Engg., Degree Civil, Mech, Elect, Electronic Metallurgy, Computers. Production Marine etc. or Technical Diploma from any of IIT's NITs/VJTI etc. or Technology Courses of U.D.C.T.

Such as Architecture (Degree/Diploma) in Medicine Or MBBS and Setting up your own practice (which needs a sizable capital investment) Or Going in for Post­graduate specialisa­tion (which takes another 2-3 years and then start your own consultancy Or BDS and start your own practice as a dentist or employment as a dentist in dental hospital or B.Pharm Service in Pharmaceutical industry or have your own Pharmacy or Ayurved or Homeopathy Service in Hospitals or own practice Or Paramedical Physiotherapy occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Optometry, Nursing Or Take up Hospital Job.

Or do

If you have an aptitude for Technical Studies, following Diploma & Certificae Courses are available after SSC or 12th Std. Such as ITI Courses like Turner, Fitter, Welder Miller, Radio & T.V. etc. (Pvt. Inst. Also conduct these courses); Draftsman Electrician (ITI Or Pvt. Inst.); Electrician, Wireless Officer 

Or do

Diploma in Engineering Or do Medical Courses Dental Mech., X-ray Tech., Sanitary Inspector, and Nursing etc. you can do complete.

Remember in these Points to consider while choosing a career

How Paying is the Career: In other words, what are the monetary benefits that you are going to derive from the career, since this is going to be your livelihood and means of sustenance? This option ranks very high in the youngsters between age group of 16 and 35. 

Job or work Satisfaction: This aspect is often not realized by the students who do not have any work experience and it is only later on in life when they find that the work they are doing does not satisfy them mentally or is not suited to their liking for whatever reason. 

Aptitude: While one may wish to become an actor , but does not possess the requisite acting skills, then it is foolhardy to try for such a career, since you will not only waste a lot of time and money, but would not be able to   perform well and achieve your goal. Though this should not be taken as discouragement, however it is often best to have a fair opinion about your skills from someone close or even a trained psychologist, who may help you in choosing the best career from the available career option

Liking: This is one aspect which is often weighed down while comparing with other aspects and it is only later in life, normally during the 40's that one realizes and wants to switch over to a totally different career of one likes. Often this happens because the career of your choice is not highly paying or at the time of your choice that particular career is in demand, but later on the things change and you find yourself stuck with a career that is not in demand but also not to your liking. 

Choosing your friends Career: This mistake is often made by students who are often influenced by their friends and how they advice them and consequently start their studies in a particular stream and only to change after a year or so due to reasons such as degree of difficulty in understanding the subject or not finding it interesting. Hence one should try to stick to one thing, not taking in consideration whether one's friends are going in for a stream, but what he or she is interested in. Changing streams later is not a good option, even though it has to be done, if it has to be done. 

Choosing a Career of your Parents Choice: Both parents and their children seem to be confused. Eventually, there is a conflict of interest. Even though in today's world , parents are being open minded and exploring more and more options, majority is still suffering from the same problem, and that is, "One day my child will become a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, or a lawyer". Majority of parents follow this rule, not realizing that their children cannot if they cannot. It’s not everybody's cup of tea to pursue one of these professions if they can't. 

Leading a Balanced life: Also, in today's world, studies are not the only thing there is in one's life. Studies are important, but so are co-curricular activities. One must do well in sports too, if he or she is to do well in life by maintaining a balanced one. Having a balanced life is also important, for the sake of studies. If one attains balance in life, nothing becomes impossible for that person. A good frame of mind is important to succeed in life. 

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Career Counsellor advice