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Make Child to Sports Person

Sports are such a big deal that sometimes parents can go too far. Some encourage an intense focus on a single sport at an early age, while others enroll their child in four activities at once. Parents, lay off the pressure and just encourage your little athletes to play.

Assuming he's tried out a few things over the last couple of years, your child has probably developed some preferences. Ask him what team he'd like to join. You may not be surprised by his response.

If your son hates hockey, for instance, or isn't good at it, he could feel like a failure, and may resist trying other sports.

Try to find a sports program that fits your child's personality and skill set. Observe a practice with your child, so you'll get a sense of the team's culture, and you'll both know what to expect. Plus, you'll see the coach in action. It takes more than technical expertise to get 7-year-olds hooked on a game; a good coach also has an even temperament and a thoughtful teaching style.

When children show talent at this age, some parents daydream and then push their kid to the brink of burnout with private coaching and travel teams. Many people forget why they wanted their child to play a sport in the first place for social, emotional, and physical development. If you put too much emphasis on winning or rankings, he may get stressed out and fear letting you down. Instead, show interest in your child's overall experience by asking open-ended questions such as, what did you learn at practice? For every mistake you want to correct, give five specific comments about what your kid did right.

Some kids improve, others will get worse, and there's no way to predict how it will turn out. Remind your child to focus only on her own performance and not on other kids'. If she plays an individual sport, encourage her to log her times and scores, so she becomes accountable for her progress throughout the season. But also help her learn to handle errors when they do occur in order to avoid a meltdown mid-competition. Consider developing a mistake ritual to help her move on after a blunder.

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Make Child to Sports Person