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9th to 10th Classes

9th to 10th Classes

In recent generations, and especially ours, we have shorter attention spans and less ability to communicate orally with others. If we before 30 years, we never had an iPhone or iPad, so we had to go outside and run around with other kids from my neighborhood from the time the sun came up until it went down. When we seen today's child that he is on his iPad from the time he wakes up until the time my mom forces him to put it down. Having all of this technology is amazing, but is also doing the newer generation a huge disservice.

In this comment defines several problems. Children should get more exercise; they need to use their devices appropriately rather than spending hours and hours on them each day; and they need to reconnect with the world around them.

Parents should encourage their children to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities.

Some teens love classics. At home, parents can help their teenagers tackle their school assignments while reminding them that reading is also something you do for fun. The idea of a classic is subjective and has changed over time, with some books moving off lists of classic literature and others being added. Many readers associate “classic” with a dense and boring book. Others assume that if you’re not reading classics, you’re not really reading.

Remember that everybody struggles. While you’re dismissing labels, rethink the idea of the struggling or reluctant reader. Many of us struggle with some type of reading.

Teach your child about different types of reading. Even an academic doesn’t devour a textbook like she would a novel. If your child loves mysteries, help her find the best mysteries. If your son loves graphic novels, help him find high-quality graphic novels.

Help your child tackle a difficult book. If a book required for school has your child intimidated, share some strategies for getting through it. For example, he can maintain a list of characters to refer back to, or you can take turns reading the book aloud.

Encourage reading for pleasure. Praise your child for getting good grades, but also let her know you’re proud of her when she makes time to read a juicy novel just for fun. Telling your child to read isn’t enough; your child needs to see you reading. At the dinner table, talk about books you are reading.

High school student are pushed and pulled in different directions, and they may not think they have time to read for pleasure. Encourage your child to make reading a habit, even if he only has 10 minutes at night. Spend a vacation or a rainy Saturday reading at home as a family.

If you make reading a priority at home, your child will have a good chance of making reading a priority at school.

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